Subaru Radiator Bleeding kit

This is a NEW radiator and cooling system bleeding kit that we stock.

This kit will SAVE you a LOT of time, it works!

We use one of these kits ourselves and we have sold quite few to work shops through out New Zealand, it’s perfect for bleeding air out of the cooling system when you replace a radiator or do an engine swap, with out one of these kits it’s a real pain to do!

Comes with radiator adaptors for Subaru and most other Japanese models. Inner diameters of caps are 41mm, 44mm, and 57mm.

A guide on how to properly bleed your radiator can be found Here

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If you are not sure this part will fit your Subaru please CONTACT us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

If you would prefer to buy this in store then come on in as we have plenty of stock available

Type: Kit

Brand: Non Branded

Availability: In Stock

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