Intercooler Diversion Plate "ZeroSports" Forester 97-02

This is a ZeroSports intercooler diversion plate to suit a Subaru Forester 1997 to 2002 SF models.

Has holes to mount intercooler water jets to if you have them.

2 available in stock:

  • Stock 1 is shown in first 4 photos.
  • Stock 2 has a rubber skirt on the intake and is shown in final 3 photos.

The Zero/Sports Cool Action Intercooler Splitter is designed to direct all the air that comes thru the hood intake. The flow of air is optimized by the fin on the Cool Action Intercooler Splitter and all air is passed through the intercooler. The efficiency of the stock intercooler is increased by 100% because the maximum cooling is obtained and hence significantly lowering the temperature of the intake air.

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Type: Diversion Plate

Brand: Zerosports

Availability: In Stock

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