Bootlid Garnish "Legacy" Legacy 1998~2002

This is a Bootlid garnish lamp to fit a Legacy 98-02 BE Sedan.

Good condition for age and will fit all Subaru Legacy SEDAN models from 1998 through to 2002

It is important to realise that these are not new so they may have very slight imperfections and light scratches just like 99% of the cars on the road today. They will NOT have any cracks in them so don’t worry about that happening!

Has LEGACY on the lens

It is important to either use NEW gaskets when fitting this garnish or to use a good quality silicon sealer to stop any water from entering the unit through the bulb holders. If you don’t do this it WILL fill up with water when it rains.

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If you are not sure this part will fit your Subaru please CONTACT us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Type: Tail Lamps

Brand: Subaru Oem

Availability: In Stock

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