GFB Boost Controller ATOMIC

This is a BRAND NEW GFB Atomic boost controller.

This is designed to stop any dangerous boost spike occurring and is a very high quality item that uses the needle valve system NOT the lower quality ball bearing system.

There are 2 main components of a boost control system on a turbocharged engine: the waste gate with actuator and the boost controller. Note that some turbo cars do not use a boost controller as such, instead they rely on the spring rate in the waste gate actuator to achieve the desired boost level.

A boost control device is commonly used in modern turbo engines which alters the boost signal that reaches the waste gate actuator. If the actuator sees a lower boost signal than is actually present, the waste gate will open less. This results in greater exhaust gas flow through the turbo, which increases boost. For example, if the actuator spring is set to 7 psi (i.e. when the valve is fully open, boost level is 7 psi) but the boost control device only allows 5 psi to reach the actuator, it will open the waste gate valve less, so more exhaust flows through the turbo, spinning it more quickly, so that the actual boost produced will be greater than 7 psi; say, 10 psi.

The boost control device is designed to reduce the pressure reaching the actuator, which it does by ‘bleeding off’ a specific amount of air from the supply hose. This can be done electronically through the ECU by pulsing a solenoid-type valve in the supply hose, or mechanically by placing a ‘controlled leak’ in the supply hose.

GFB boost controllers are the latter type, which may not sound incredibly scientific, but there are a few design criteria that are critical to performance. Essentially, a GFB boost controller receives boost pressure from the turbo compressor, passes it through a restrictor (which is necessary, or the turbo would simply fill the supply hose as fast as the controller could bleed it off), where a measured amount of air is bled out of the hose that leads to the wastegate actuator. Note that it is not possible to reduce the boost level below the setting of the actuator spring, only increase it. It is however possible to reduce boost below standard on cars that originally had ECU/solenoid controlled boost.

GFB boost controllers use a more consistent needle-valve bleed system, which brings brings boost on just as fast as any ball-and-spring system, and generally more quickly than a factory boost control system.

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Type: Boost Tap

Brand: Gfb

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