Why take short cuts!?

We sell LOTS of Subaru Turbo chargers to mechanical workshops all over New Zealand, when we sell them to genuine service agents and reputable workshops that know what they are doing we don’t get any problems…. the problems always start with people or workshops that either don’t know what they are doing or don’t bother to follow instructions.

There’s no point taking short cuts when replacing a turbo charger as all that will happen is turbo failure and then you’ll blame everyone else but yourself… so do it properly the first time.

You can get more information by clicking here.

New Product for TURBO Subaru's

New product line introduced!

Here’s a new product that our staff have used in their own turbo Subaru’s.

It’s an oil additive and friction modifier that has been specially developed for TURBO charged cars, we import this product directly from Europe… click HERE for more details

2001 RS30 Legacy for Parts

Here’s another Subaru Legacy we just got in for parts…

It’s a 20012 BEE RS30 Subaru Legacy B4-sport

has had a frontal accident but the engine was not damaged, clean otherwise and heaps of parts are available off this car.. we are always wrecking this model legacy and have parts for the sedan, wagon and Lancaster wagon versions available right now.

2003 Subaru Impreza 1.5i

Just in today:

Another of the every popular Subaru Impreza 1.5i wagon.. this one’s had a slight LH frontal accident but it was enough for the insurance company to write it off..

As you can imagine we buy a lot of these for parts so have the ability to say “YES” to just about every parts inquiry for this model range.

2005 Subaru Legacy Sedan

Here we have another 2005 Subaru Legacy BL5 sedan that is in our yard ready to be pulled apart for parts, this one is a 2.0l sohc 5-speed manual, we have a lot of these available including turbo and 6cyl models, we even have a diesel wagon version in stock at the moment.

Very popular for parts and we are always buying and importing these from Japan to help us supply the Subaru parts you need, phone us free within New Zealand on 0800 6340065

2010 Subaru Legacy Sedan

Juts arrived!

This 2010 BM9 Subaru Legacy 2.5 CVT has just arrived for parts, frontal damage but other than that this NZ new Legacy has a lot of really good parts including a very tidy interior, the engine is not damaged and has traveled less that 80,000km

If you are looking for any Subaru Legacy parts then please contact us by email or free phone withing New Zealand on 0800 6340065

2007 Subaru Impreza

This is another 2007 Subaru Impreza that has arrived at Strong for Subaru for parts, it’s in our Auckland NZ yard right now.

Its had a RH side accident but all other panels are in very good condition plus it’s got a low km 1500cc engine and auto trans.

Also has a real tidy interior with a NZ stereo fitted so if you need anything contact us or phone free in New Zealand on 0800 634-0065

2007 Subaru Outback for Parts

Here’s a recent arrival, it’s a 2007 Subaru Legacy Outback 6-cylinder auto

It has a blown EZ30 engine (overheated due to burst hose), very clean panels and interior and good suspension and auto trans available, has electric tan leather seats etc.

If you want any parts off this Subaru Outback then please email or phone us on 0800 634-0065

Subaru Car Batteries

We’ve just become the exclusive New Zealand agent for the FreeMax brand of high performance car batteries.

The FreeMax brand is a high quality Calcium sealed maintenance free high performance battery that delivers outstanding Maximum starting performance and reliability.

At the moment we have two batteries that we have selected that are perfect for the Subaru range of cars, we’ve done the hard work and selected the right type for you.

Best of all right now and we have listed them 20% off our normal prices so you get the best battery for your Subaru at an incredible price!

Jump Start!

We just have to tell you about these great products we stock..

These are lithium powered car jump starting packs that really work, we’ve used them to start Subaru’s in our yard that had completely flat batteries!

We have two versions available, the first is our light duty pack that’s great for people that just want the assurance of being able to start their car in the event that they have left the lights on or radio going.

The other option is a heaver duty jump pack that can start just about anything plus it has the connections and ability to charge smart phones and laptops too!

These are great quality and for a limited time we have them at reduced prices, a great gift for members of your family and friends too.

2001 Subaru B4 Legacy Turbo

Here’s another 2001 Subaru Legacy B4 Turbo sedan that we now have for parts, has a good EJ208 manual twin turbo engine, also good suspension and tidy interior.. loads of parts for these always in stock

1998 Subaru Legacy GTB

Here’s a 1998 Subaru Legacy GTB BH5 twin turbo manual wagon we have got in for parts, it’s registration has lapsed so can’t really be re-registered without having to spend too much!

Has got all sorts of accessory parts on it including 19-inch mags and big bore exhaust.

All parts are available off this Subaru, plus we have many more models like this in our yard at the moment suitable for parts.

New Starter Motors now available

We now stock a range of brand NEW Subaru starter motors for most of the popular Subaru models.

All are sold with a 12-month warranty!

have a look at the range we have available.. more coming soon!

2002 Subaru WRX

Another 2002 Subaru WRX

Just arrived for parts this accident damaged 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX.

hard frontal accident so the engine has been damaged beyond repair, however there are still plenty of good parts available off this car.

We are always dismantling this model Subaru WRX so if you do need anything please contact us!

2003 Subaru Legacy

Another 2003 Subaru Legacy for parts

We just received another 2003 BP5 Legacy for parts, we dismantle a lot of these Subaru vehicles and also import parts for them directly from Japan.. we have around twenty cars in stock for parts and have Subaru Legacy Turbo, Non Turbo and 6cyl models… so if you need anything off a Subaru Legacy from 2003 to 2007 we will probably have just the part you need!

2002 Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester just arrived!

We just received this 2000 Subaru Forester non turbo for parts, it has had a rear accident so has heaps of frontal panel as well as an excellent EJ25 2.5 sohc engine and automatic transmission.. we are always dismantling Subaru Forester for parts… so just ask if you need a Subaru Forester part.